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Sirui Anamorphic
Full Frame 1.6x

Sirui full frame anamorphic set - RF mount. T2.9 through out the set. Front OD 80mm. 77mm front threads.  

  • 35mm

  • 50mm

  • 75mm

  • 100mm

  • x2 adapter

  • lens support

  • Diopter kit 

£150 + VAT per day

Sirui 780481 (SIR-780481) Venus 4 Lens Kit (35mm T2.9 1.6X/50mm T2.9 1.6X/75mm T2.9 1.6X/100mm T2.9 1.6X) w/ 1.25x Anamorphic Adapter and Hard Case - RF Mount. PLEASE NOTE: R Mount - Images are for display purposes ONLY. 
The 35mm and 100mm, along with the previously released 50mm and 75mm, form a versatile lens set for shooting a complete project from different angles of view.

Full-Frame! High Squeeze!
Designed for professional anamorphic use, this series gives you 1.6x more on the horizontal as well as more prominent anamorphic characteristics.

SIRUI 1.25x Anamorphic Adapter
Add a 1.25x adapter to the lens front to achieve a 2x squeeze for more noticeable anamorphic characteristics, for example, the waterfall bokeh.

Turn Any Camera Lens 1.25x Anamorphic
The 1.25x adapter has an 82mm rear thread. Three step-down rings (67mm, 72mm, 77mm) and a step-up ring (92mm) are offered to match a wide array of popular lenses on the market.

Compact & Portable
The overall size and weight...

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