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DZO Vespid Cine Lens Set

DZO Vespid PL VV lens set - with full frame coverage. They are very sharp with a slight retro look the set. T2.1 through the full set apart from the 16mm which is T2.8. Geared focus and aperture rings. 80mm fronts with 77mm threads.  

  • 16mm  (T2.8)

  • 25mm

  • 35mm

  • 50mm

  • 75mm

  • 100mm

  • 125mm

£150 + vat per day

DZOFILM Vespid Prime FF Kit A including 16mm (T2.8)  25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100, 125mm T2.1 PL Mount Lenses .

Cinematic capturing beyond fulle frame (46.5mm). Compact and portable, convinient for documentary shooting.

Swift and fast, easy to satisfy different shooting conditions, no matter in a single unit or a whole group. Consistent design of gear, no need to change gear motor while changing lenses.

Your reliable filming partner:
Negligible breathing effect, creating and immersive scene.
Neutral colour, fine and soft skin rendering.
A perfect companion between A-roll and B-roll.

APO Design, gentle sharpness and vivid clarity. Appropriate sharpness generates cinematic feeling while expressing organic look and fine details. In accordance with standard APO, Vespid Prime optimizes chromatic aberration one by one. Pleasing Round Bokeh. 16-blade diaphragm design. Achieve natural and soft...

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